Jan 2023

How To Do Meditation At Home When You’re A Beginner

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders” — that’s the power of a calm and focused mind. And meditation can help you achieve such a stable mental state.

Meditation is your mind trying to relax from all the humdrum of life. When Meditation At Home is done daily, it showers endless benefits on you, some of which are:

Now, coming to — how you can do it at home hassle-free, even if you’re a beginner?

Keep reading to know.

Quick and Easy Ways To Do Meditation at Home

This step is the first, and the most important one. In a noisy space, silencing your mind can become an unachievable task.

So, find your perfect spot and time. A place that offers silence, solitude, and solace.

Make sure your pose is comfortable and you are not slouching. Fold your legs and cross your legs too.

Let your palms rest on your knees. Then, close your eyes to begin the process of imagination. 

It is your breath- it keeps you alive and connects you with superior power. Take a long breath and let it flow through your nose and throat. 

From your throat, let your breath travel to your core. From your core muscles, your breath goes to different body parts. 

Once your breath has reached your toes, let your breath go out. The breath’s travel in your mind is meditation. 

You do not want to let go of your breath. And so, you must count from 1 to 100. This way, you can feel your breath travel in your body, and you do not have to entertain wandering thoughts. 

Thoughts about who will cook and clean at your house or submit your current task at your work? Focus on your breath to fade out everything else.

5 Easy Types of Meditation Practices to Get Started 

You now know what exactly meditation is. We can gladly transport you to the different types of meditation practices. Do not worry; there are not many and are not difficult to practice. Let us begin, shall we? 


Here, your body performs asanas, and through them, you use the breath-in-and-breathe-out technique to meditate. 

Every asana has two movements. First, take your breath in. And in the second, you give out your breath. This form of meditation not only benefits your mind but also makes your body flexible. 

You can get started with the simplest yet pretty effective 4-7-8 breathing technique.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position 
  2. Exhale normally and get relaxed
  3. Breathe in with the count of 4 (count 1,2,3,4 in your mind)
  4. Hold on the breath for 7 seconds (keep counting)
  5. Breathe out with the count of 8
  6. Repeat till you feel relaxed 

Mindfulness Meditation 

Mindfulness is paying full attention to your present case scenario. It is a form of meditation when you have to let go of thoughts and let them not affect you in any way. 

Can that happen? You must be wondering – of course, not. In mindfulness meditation, you are not truly ignoring your thoughts. You are becoming mindful of them. 

You appreciate your thoughts. You accept them without creating any judgments. And you wait for them to disappear.  

Think of this like vehicles moving on a road. They keep coming and going. What if those vehicles stop at one place? Traffic jams will occur.

Therefore, let the vehicles, that is, your thoughts, come and go. Neither resists them. Nor get stuck on them. 

Set them free. And your mind will be free from chaos too.

Mantra Meditation 

Chanting a mantra is another way of meditation you can try at home. A mantra keeps your mind occupied with the words, tune, and pronunciation of it. It keeps unnecessary thoughts at bay. Somehow helps you relax your mind and focus on better things in life. 

For instance, you can chant – AHAM PREMA. This chant helps you leave your past, pain, and concerns behind. 

It clears all the distractions in your mind and gives you a purpose to live your life to the fullest. In short, it brings your mind, soul, and body harmony. 

Other chants are – NAMO AMITABHA (For boundless kindness, compassion, wisdom, and virtues), OM TAT SAT (God is omnipresent), and OM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI (For peace in yourself and your surroundings). 

Guided Meditation 

Everyone has a happy place that they go to for comfort. These places give comfort to your hurting heart. 

In guided meditation, you create mental scenarios that relax your mind and keep your worries at bay. Some people practice this while going to sleep. It helps you fall asleep.

If you have trouble sleeping peacefully, you need to check this out.

Mental scenarios you can easily create are – 

When you want to imbibe confidence, you can keep telling yourself –  “I AM CONFIDENT”, “I AM STRONG”, “I CAN DO IT”. 

If sadness is all around you – “I AM HAPPY”, “I AM CONTENT”, “I AM GROWING”. 


If you feel you lack focus – “I AM FREE”, “I AM ALIVE”, “I AM CAPABLE”, “I AM STRONG”. 

For a better experience, you can have a mentor to guide you to meditate. In some cases, you can imagine a different world or something peaceful. 

It’s also possible to feel, immerse in visuals, smell items, and hear voices. Your guide can help you visualize it better.

Focused Attention Meditation 

An external stimulus helps in bringing your wandering attention to a halt. This process is called focused attention meditation. 

It could be an image or focal point like a burning candle. Once you pour all your concentration into the focused external object, you notice all your thoughts becoming about it. 

Even better- you observe that your mind has finally taken a much-needed break. You find a moment of comfort in this chaotic world

For How Much Time Should I Meditate?

Time entirely depends on you. For some people, it is one hour. For some, even five minutes of meditation is enough to pull them through the day. It is not about HOW MUCH; it is about HOW OFTEN AND WHEN.

You do it for a day. You feel better at the end of meditation. The next day, you get caught up badly. And you run after time to squeeze in some minutes for it. That is not it. 

Push yourself to care about your well-being. Believe that change is non-fiction and that change is happening in your life for the betterment of it. 

What To Think About During Meditation?

It is easy to say that I am meditating. Even easier to type it out is how to meditate. But what is happening in your mind when you meditate is tough. What to think about while you meditate is tough. 

Do not worry a dime. We are here to clue you in on the thoughts you can think about while meditating at your home.

Your life is precious. Your life is about the breath you take. The air that goes into your body and the air that comes out.

You can focus on your breath while meditating.

Are your feelings affecting your work and life? You love someone too much. 

You care for some too much. Or dislike something about someone. 

At the end of the meditation, you will come up with a solution to tackle your feelings. 

Your mother-in-law pesters you a lot. And so you avoid her every chance you get. Your father blames you for not earning much. Your husband does not support you in your work. Your children do not let you do what you want to do for yourself. Your wife keeps nagging about your secretary.

While meditating, observe your triggers with utmost curiosity and compassion. 

One of the hardest things in the world is to forgive someone. You do not want to. You wish to forget, but you prefer revenge. All this is not fruitful once you enter the planet of meditation. While meditation, you can forgive the people you thought you could never forgive. You give them a chance.

You choose to forgive and move ahead in life.

Be it your passion or profession- your life is incomplete without inspiration. Even if it is A. R. Rahman in music, Pablo Picasso in painting, or J. K. Rowling in writing, you must have an inspiration in life.

Find your inspiration and stick to it while meditating.

 What To Do First — Meditation or Exercise?

Always choose to meditate before you exercise. Do you know why? That way, you can focus better on your physical activity. 

The better the focus, the better the secretion of endorphins and other hormones that boost your fitness, well-being, and activeness. 

10 Tips for Effective Meditation 

Meditation at your home is now easy. But how to improve it? How to make it more effective and long-lasting? 

Here’s the secret of inner peace that Kung Fu Panda, Buddha, and various nuns found.

1. Focus on your present

Your present situation needs your attention. Forget regrets of the past, worries of the future, the noise of your neighbors quarreling, your friend’s betrayal, or the pending to-do list creating havoc in your mind.

 2. Give up on your negative mindset.

Negativity is omnipresent nowadays, and positivity is like unfound gems. Learn to let go of negative thoughts so you can focus on meditation.

3. Mindfulness is key

Chant, stare at a candle, perform an asana, play basketball, and give your all to it. Mindfulness is giving all your head to a task at hand.

4. Look for personal transformation

Meditation helps you rid unproductive old habits and change your perspective toward people, things, and circumstances.

5. Undying commitment to meditation

If you do it every day, only then do you slay. Meditation wants you to be completely absorbed in the present moment with all the time, love, care, attention, and understanding 

6. Get comfortable in your spot

If the spot is not your favorite, you will hate doing meditation. Choose your space, and craft it in a way you would want to go there every day. 

7. When nervous, take long and deep breaths

Too many thoughts crowd your mind when you meditate. Some can lead to anxiety, depression, and stress. Do not panic, then. Take long and deep breaths and come back into your present scenario.

8. Move as little as you can

The less you move, the more you can calm your mind and make it meditate. The more you move- the harder it gets to meditate.

9. Every day is a new experience – be kind to your mind

Not every day is going to be a flowery experience. Some things might stop you from enjoying meditation.

On days you don’t feel like meditating or can’t commit for a long time, do it for like 5 minutes. Just stay consistent somehow and you’ll get there.

10. Let your thoughts come and go like traffic signals

Traffic signals cannot stop your vehicle from moving forward. Likewise, thoughts cannot prevent you from meditating. Let them in only for a while. Then on, you have to move past them and enjoy the ride. 

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The Wrap-Up Note 

Meditation gives you much-needed ‘me time’. In today’s fast-paced world, what we need is moments to pause and reflect upon our privileges.

Take time for positive affirmations, practice gratitude, enhance focus, and control the stream of thoughts flooding your mind. Meditation helps you do all of that. 

Hence, meditate. It’s one of the strongest pillars of your holistic lifestyle. Build it. No scope to regret.

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