Sep 2022

How Is Hustle Culture Bad For Your Health? [+ A Better Solution]

People who fail to find a healthy balance between health and hustle ends up losing both. Don’t be that kind of people.

Imagine this…… You are craving cakes. You work hard, and put in a lot of effort, with full passion, to bake a delicious cake. Then, you do the nice frosting. And finally, your cake is ready. But, you can’t eat it.

Heartbreaking right?

The same happens when you hustle mindlessly. 

You and I hustle hard to satisfy our cravings for success.

But will we truly get to enjoy the rewards?

Now, hustling isn’t bad as such. But it definitely has a dark side.

The moment you put hustle over health, hustling becomes dangerous.

What is Hustle Culture? A simple Meaning 

Presently, people are living a fast-paced life where everyone is running restlessly after their goals, working tirelessly till exhaustion, having messed-up sleep cycles, and improper eating routines.

And guess what? We have normalized all this.

Results? Burnouts, anxiety, poor mental & physical health.

Even heart-related problems are no longer a matter of old age. These days, young people are facing it as well. 

All this is a consequence of unhealthy hustle culture, which promotes:

It’s high time we realize that being underslept and overworked isn’t a matter of pride. 

A person who is full of desires aims to achieve all the goals, willing to work hard, and make it in life essentially needs to be utmost healthy, both physically and mentally.

You might have enormous money in your bank account. Still, the supreme form of wealth you can ever have is good health.

Because no matter how many materialistic pleasures you have, you can’t enjoy life until you’re mentally and physically fit. No forms of luxuries and comforts can ever cover up for poor health.

What’s the point of baking the cake which you can’t eat and enjoy later?

A Better Solution

Everything has two faces. The same goes for hustle. 

Hustling is still a good thing when done sensibly, not mindlessly.

Sensible hustle is the one where you tick the right balance between health and hustle. When you understand that you eventually need good health to hustle for longer.

While mindlessly hustling is when you grind restlessly for hours, avoiding your health and mental peace. And end up miserable!

You certainly don’t want a miserable ending for your story, right? Then change the ending to a happy one — by embracing a healthy hustle, not an unhealthy one.

Here’s what a healthy hustle culture looks like:

So, when you’re tired, which is natural. Stop. Take a moment to check up on yourself.

When you do it with Eyva, all it takes is just a touch and 60 seconds to connect you with your inner self and reveal your body’s status in terms of 6 key vitals.

Life might be hard. But living a holistically healthy lifestyle is super easy with Eyva.

You’re short of time? That’s no longer a problem. You only have to spare a minute every day.

Do heavy, complex, and boring tools drain your energy? Say no more.

Eyva is a sleek, lightweight, and interactive gadget that makes self-care fun, fascinating, and comfortable. This health and wellness gadget exists to make you live a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Begin with building small and simple habits that add up to a significant change:

Eyva can help you track the results these habits bring. This will keep you motivated to improve further.

The above three habits are just an example. You can add many more good changes to your lifestyle and track the positive outcomes with Eyva.

The Wrap-Up Note 

Let’s vouch for sustainable hustle, not the one that sucks life out of us. You can be productive, good at your work, consistently smash all the goals, and still have great physical as well as mental health.

Don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise!

If you’re wondering how to hustle while keeping health at the forefront, Eyva is your way to go.

Your takeaway from this post is,

Health >>> Hustle. Anytime. Anyday.

Once you do that, then, you can have our cake and enjoy it too. You can have your rewards and truly relish them!

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