Jun 2022

6 Surprising Benefits of Curry Leaves For Health

The tale of tiny leaves that were too good yet taken for granted. But not anymore!

Huge health benefits a tiny curry leaf carries

Many good things in the world are taken for granted. Curry leaves are one of them 🙁
Do you know what impact these small, slender leaves can have on your health?
Well, no more taking this wonderful leaf’s goodness for granted. Let’s get aware of what it can do to improve our vitals.

*Curtains down*

👉🏻Here are the huge health benefits a tiny curry leaf carries:

You might be wondering if such tiny-looking leaves can really be a treasure for health? Here are science-backed facts:

Despite being a powerhouse of health, these leaves aren’t given the place they deserve in our diets.

Think about how often you consume curry patta?

Usually, curry leaves go as a garnishing element on a few foods. Even then, most of us skip eating them.

Okay Okay…..We got you.

The taste of curry leaves isn’t very appealing to taste buds. It’s bitter-ish!

Hence, it’s hard to eat them frequently.

Any solution?


Consume curry leaves in powdered form.

If you can chew raw leaves — nothing better than that

If not, no problem. Go for curry leaf powder. This powder retains all the delightful health perks of curry leaves with a delicious lip-smacking taste.

It’s available in the market and super easy to prepare at home too.

Still perplexed? We’ve made it simple for you!

Follow this 3-step recipe:



Staying healthy becomes effortless when you make healthy habits and diet an integral part of your daily life.

It’s high time we stop taking curry leaves for granted. And utilize their potential to enrich our lifestyle.

Want to know if including curry leaves really improved your health? Measure your vitals with Eyva after consuming them for some time.

Not just curry leaves, you can track how your body is responding to all kinds of foods you eat or various activities you perform.

No more blind shots. Eyva helps you to try out certain options, monitor their impact, and track the results. Then, confidently go with the right choices that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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