Immersive real-time

One-stop gadget for
monitoring 6 vitals

Relative & Actionable

Step into the new age of wellness where monitoring Blood Glucose is effortless!

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It measures
6 key body vitals

Blood Glucose
Blood Pressure
Heart rate

Compact Size
Efficient Performance




5x10x2 cm

Battery Life*

48 hours

In the box

Eyva, USB-C
charging cable

How to use EYVA?

  • Hold Eyva in both of your hands
  • Place both thumbs on the circles drawn on both sides of the gadget
  • Breathe and let Eyva take over!

Instant results
on the App

Connect the gadget to our free mobile application and explore the mystical world of Anthea. It was, in fact, in Anthea's hypnotizing expanse, that we stumbled upon Eyva, and brought its powers (or as we humans call it - "Technology") to you.
The mobile application and the Anthea realm that it holds, will empower you to make better lifestyle decisions. Use this to manage your vitals, fitness, nutrition and stress more effectively.
Eyva's mobile app provides daily insights that help you make positive changes to your lifestyle while ensuring that you can do it with ease!
A magical world that reimagines and simplifies tracking your health with just a touch that allows you to know the six vital parameters of your body in just 60 seconds!
With Eyva's trends, you can track your progress over a period of time, helping you modify your lifestyle accordingly! It also helps you track long-term changes in your health.

Revolutionise family wellness
1 gadget for 4 people

Change the way your family approaches wellness with EYVA. Embrace the power
of one gadget that caters to the wellness goals of four people.

Wondering why check your vitals even if you are healthy? Find out here!


Lifestyle Revolution across India

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Out of 28 states

Firsthand Accounts
EYVA Users Share Their Journey

Sri Charan Lakkaraju
Rama Iyer
NBBK Sarma
Bestin Joy
Rama Iyer
Bestin Joy

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The wait is over for iOS users too as beta version of Eyva App is available to download.

Our Happy
"People of Anthea"

Painless & Innovative. One-time investment. Attractive App!

Wish to thank Bluesemi Team and Sunil for bringing out a special innovative gadget which is useful in monitoring vital health stats in a non invasive manner. It is a boon to multitudes of diabetics who have to go through the pain of piercing every now and then to check their sugar in the blood. Further, there are no recurring costs involved like lancets and test strips. One time investment and you can go miles and miles with the readings. The pre app is attractive too with simple UI.

Venkata Rao
Excellent, Efficient, Amazing

Results are amazingly accurate to our home alternative (blood glucose test kits, BP checking machines) and more faster. Excellent and smooth app. Product connects with the app very easily and efficiently. Although this is in the starting stage, it does not show problems in it's performance and in presentation.

Rama Sastry
Truly an asset and I will strongly recommend it.

Received Eyva yesterday and I am overjoyed. Absolutely in love with the device and the wonderful customer service that I have received for all my questions and concerns. The device is so sleek and handy. Looking forward to seeing more and more options added.

Mamita Kamaladevi
Painless & Innovative. One-time investment. Attractive App!

Wait is over. There is an old saying - No pain No gain, Eyva proves it wrong. No pain to check Sugar levels, Heart rate, Oxygen level, BP and more to come. Just with a touch. Know the truth yourself.

K Vijayananda Reddy
Eyva is an amazing health tech gadget

Using it for 2 months and very much satisfied with the overall working. It's very easy to use and no prick makes it more comfortable than ever. Glad that I came across this device. Thank you Team Eyva!!

Ruchir Shah
Eyva is future of health and wellness management

Wonderful Eyva. Thank you for inventing this world's first futuristic health gadget.

Praveen Kumar
Wonderful and Promising

So far the app looks promising, a wonderful experience in ordering. Love Eyva

Arpit Gupta
Wonderful and works perfectly

The app is wonderful. The eyva gadget works perfectly.

Swaraj thole

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T-Hub 2.0


Eyva seized the show at the inaugural event of T-Hub, the world's largest innovation ecosystem. Excitement, wonders, and fun were all around as people immersed themselves in the striking Eyva experience.




Eyva has proudly represented India at VivaTech, Europe's biggest innovation, and tech event. Also, India bagged the honor of being chosen as the first 'country-of-the-year' at VivaTech 2022.


Is Eyva battery operated or chargeable?
Just like you can charge your mobile phone anywhere, you can charge Eyva too!
Can I carry Eyva with me?
Eyva is a pocket-sized gadget that can accompany you anywhere and everywhere!
How long does Eyva's battery last?
Eyva comes with long battery life! Eyva can efficiently function for 48 hours. However, the battery life might vary marginally depending on how frequently you use it.
Is Eyva a medical gadget?
Eyva is a health and wellness gadget that helps you stay informed about the vital parameters of your body & make positive lifestyle decisions.
Can I make medical decisions using Eyva?
While our results are very accurate, it is still advisable to consult your doctor to address any symptoms you might be experiencing, as Eyva is not a replacement for a medical professional or a diagnostics center. However, you can make lifestyle and wellness decisions that need no medical intervention.
What is Eyva's warranty period?
Once you buy and start operating Eyva, you get a one-year warranty.
Has Eyva undergone trials?
With Eyva, we want you to achieve your health & wellness goals by helping you track all the vital parameters. Therefore, we have conducted rigorous clinical trials that meet global standards and ensured that the results Eyva gives are highly accurate.
Is there any limit to the number of times I can view my vitals within the app?
With Eyva, you have unlimited access to the possibility of good health! You can check your vitals as many times as you need on Eyva's app.
Can I share my vital parameters with anyone?
With Eyva, you're in charge of your data and privacy. You can securely share the results of your vital parameters with your healthcare advisor, friends, or family.
Can my family use Eyva?
Yes! Eyva is designed for families and can help you track your family's vital parameters as well!
Where will I get my vitals readings?
You can get them on our app that tracks all the readings with just a few clicks.
How many times can I check my vitals in a day?
Eyva is limitless! You can check your vitals as many times as you can.
Do I need to prick to get my vitals?
Eyva is entirely non-invasive. All you need is just a touch.
Can children use Eyva?
Although EYVA is for everyone, there's always a possibility of children being mischievous, hence it might not be apt for them. We recommend EYVA to individuals 12+
What is the best time to use Eyva?
You can use Eyva any time of the day, whether on a full stomach, right after waking up, or after a rigorous workout!
What is the Anthea Realm?
Anthea realm is our effort to make health and self-care easy, interesting, and fun for Eyva users. It is an escape from the typical approach to wellness, with a focus on creating a world that encourages users to explore how they can improve their lifestyles.

Introducing a health and wellness companion that's too cool to be called just a sugar-checking machine and too feature-rich that it surpasses the functions of those glucometers without blood and serves you much more than that!

Meet EYVA - the world's first-of-its-kind health and wellness gadget - which also becomes your non-invasive blood glucometer, along with offering many other benefits. It's not only meant to provide a home-friendly glucose monitoring system but also helps you achieve a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Eyva, More than just a non-invasive blood glucometer

Why settle for less when you can have more?

Why only remain confined to non-invasive blood glucometer when overall health depends on other factors as well?

If you're wondering what Eyva imbibes besides being a non-invasive blood glucose meter, let's reveal what makes Eyva the exceptional.

How does Eyva help you keep your body vitals in check

It's the only gadget to tell you about your 6 key body vitals in 60 seconds with just a touch. The vitals include heart rate, ECG, oxygen levels, HbA1c, blood pressure, and yes, blood glucose.

Because good health quality is the sum total of all of these vitals existing in their finest state, relying on pain-free blood glucose meters which only enable you to measure blood sugar levels isn't enough.

The profound solution is to keep a track of how your daily activities affect your blood sugar levels as well as take care of other vitals which directly or indirectly contribute to your overall well-being. Achieving the finest health status gets easier when you are watchful of all key vitals.

Eyva not only measures but also helps you keep a track of all your key vitals. All this happens upon one gentle touch.

You can't improve what you can't track. So here's an end to all your struggles that come across your way towards a healthier, happier, better lifestyle.

With Eyva, live the best version of your life by embracing holistic health and wellness. Touch, track, and improve. That too, in a fun, interactive, and comfortable way.

The Wrap-Up Note

You get what those simple sugar checking machines offer painfree plus much more. Eyva is a next-level innovation with extended capabilities and higher potential than other glucose monitoring systems.

No more settling for the ordinary non-invasive glucose monitors that give half of the solutions, it's time to opt for a holistic solution to improve your lifestyle quality altogether and reimagine your health and wellness regime.