Jan 2023

How To Do Meditation At Home When You’re A Beginner

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders” — that’s the power of a calm and focused mind. And meditation can help you achieve such a stable mental state.

Meditation is your mind trying to relax from all the humdrum of life. When Meditation At Home is done daily, it showers endless benefits on you, some of which are:

  • Good physical health 
  • Great mental health 
  • Sharper memory 
  • Stronger concentration 
  • Emotional stability
  • Sound peaceful sleep

Now, coming to — how you can do it at home hassle-free, even if you're a beginner?

Keep reading to know.

Quick and Easy Ways To Do Meditation at Home

  • Find your perfect spot and time for meditation

This step is the first, and the most important one. In a noisy space, silencing your mind can become an unachievable task.

So, find your perfect spot and time. A place that offers silence, solitude, and solace.

Make sure your pose is comfortable and you are not slouching. Fold your legs and cross your legs too.

Let your palms rest on your knees. Then, close your eyes to begin the process of imagination. 

  • Concentrate on your breath

It is your breath- it keeps you alive and connects you with superior power. Take a long breath and let it flow through your nose and throat. 

From your throat, let your breath travel to your core. From your core muscles, your breath goes to different body parts. 

Once your breath has reached your toes, let your breath go out. The breath's travel in your mind is meditation. 


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