Sep 2022

How Is Hustle Culture Bad For Your Health? [+ A Better Solution]

People who fail to find a healthy balance between health and hustle ends up losing both. Don’t be that kind of people.

Imagine this…… You are craving cakes. You work hard, and put in a lot of effort, with full passion, to bake a delicious cake. Then, you do the nice frosting. And finally, your cake is ready. But, you can't eat it.

Heartbreaking right?

The same happens when you hustle mindlessly. 

You and I hustle hard to satisfy our cravings for success.

But will we truly get to enjoy the rewards?

Now, hustling isn't bad as such. But it definitely has a dark side.

The moment you put hustle over health, hustling becomes dangerous.

What is Hustle Culture? A simple Meaning 

Presently, people are living a fast-paced life where everyone is running restlessly after their goals, working tirelessly till exhaustion, having messed-up sleep cycles, and improper eating routines.

And guess what? We have normalized all this.

Results? Burnouts, anxiety, poor mental & physical health.

Even heart-related problems are no longer a matter of old age. These days, young people are facing it as well. 

All this is a consequence of unhealthy hustle culture, which promotes:

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