Apr 2023

6 Massive Reasons Why Daily Glucose Monitoring is Incredibly Important Even When You’re Healthy

Glucose controls your lifestyle to a bigger extent than you think. From anxiety to mood swings, energy content to acne, and focus to fatigue; everything correlates with the levels of glucose circulating in your bloodstream. That’s why daily glucose monitoring is so important. Knowledge is power.

Glucose controls your lifestyle to a bigger extent than you think. From anxiety to mood swings, energy content to acne, and focus to fatigue; everything correlates with the levels of glucose circulating in your bloodstream. That’s why daily glucose monitoring is so important.

Knowledge is power. Blood glucose monitoring gives you the knowledge of a real-time view of what’s happening inside your body. And with it, the power to improve your health and lifestyle in multiple aspects. 

You no longer have to settle for making casual guesses. As your glucose readings are the concrete metric for assessing your body’s response to various everyday lifestyle activities.

Daily Glucose Monitoring: 6 Solid Reasons Why You Need It

Below is a walk-through of 6 solid reasons why you should embrace daily glucose monitoring. Let’s dive in.

1. Come Up With The Best-matched Meals, Just For You

Here’s an interesting fact: your DNA, fingerprints, and glycemic response to a particular food will always be different than any other person in the room.

No two foods can react in the same way for two different people. Say, you and your friend just had a banana. When you both check blood glucose levels, you notice it didn’t spike her blood sugar levels but your levels saw a rise.

This is because your body’s response to different foods can’t be predicted as it depends on various factors like weight, genetics, and metabolic health.

Once you begin regular glucose monitoring with wellness gadgets like EYVA, you can

2. Make Smarter Choices and Informed Decisions 

Is that blood-sugar recipe you tried after seeing on the Internet actually working for you?

How much your blood sugar has improved after including 15 minutes of Yoga in your daily routine?

Did switching from 4 to 6 hours of sleep help bring your sugar levels to normal?

Don’t just make choices. Measure their impact on your health. 

Optimize what works. Opt out of what doesn’t.

Heard about “sugar-free snacks”, or ” zero sugar chocolate”? But wondering if they are really healthy? 

You can check how these foods alter your blood sugar levels and make decisions driven by insights, not guesswork. 

3. Optimize Your Exercise Routine

You might have already heard that exercising is one of the best ways to maintain your blood glucose levels normal. But experts and studies also suggest that certain exercises can spike your blood sugar levels. 

Wondering which one is true? The answer is both.   

Now there’s a catch: Not all exercises will suit your glycemic patterns. Some strength training exercises can spike or drop your blood glucose levels. The duration of the exercise also decides the effects it has on your body

And so, the most tangible way is to track your blood glucose levels before and after exercising. Be it any form, aerobic exercises, strength training, or yoga, track your levels. Know how your body reacts to different exercises and their duration.

Within a few weeks, you can easily notice particular exercises that are causing too high or low levels. It is best to avoid those exercises.

Here’s how to make the most out of your exercise routine with regular glucose monitoring:

4. Get More Energy, and Live Each Day To Its Fullest

You kickstart your day with full enthusiasm but feel fatigued after lunch. Concentration on work starts decreasing by midday, a wave of laziness blows in, and energy seems to disappear.

Can you relate to this scenario?

If you’re tired and lose focus often, chances are high that your glucose levels are unstable.

To understand how your glucose and energy levels are linked, you need to understand the concept of “metabolic health” first.

Simply put, metabolic health is how efficiently your body cells extract energy from the food and carry out essential functions.

If the glucose levels in the bloodstream are too high for extended periods, it can lead to metabolic issues like insulin resistance. This means your body cells can neither process energy nor carry out the functions at optimal levels.

Eventually, you will have less energy, get tired faster, and have lower performance.

According to a study published in the journal Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology in 2020, around 60% of adult Indians are prone to poor metabolic health.

As glucose levels are the most direct and powerful indicator of metabolic health status, glucose monitoring helps you identify how different foods, exercise, stress, and sleep affect your glucose levels. These real-time insights can help make more informed choices about your diet and lifestyle, and make adjustments as needed to improve metabolic health.

For example, if someone regularly sees high glucose levels after eating certain foods, they can make dietary changes to avoid or reduce those foods and improve their blood sugar control.

The more complex the carbohydrates are, the slower it takes to digest and raise your blood sugar levels. Also, avoid sugar and carbonated drinks that mess up your metabolic health.

They can also experiment with activities, like either going for a short walk after eating these foods to see if that helps them bring their glucose back to normal. As our research shows that 20 minutes walk post meal are better & helps you get your blood glucose into the normal range than 20 minutes walk pre-meal.

Hence, daily glucose monitoring can help individuals gain a better understanding of their metabolic health and make positive changes to improve their overall well-being.

Here are some quick tips to feel energetic throughout the day:

5. Get the Most Glowing and Healthy Skin

You might be surprised to know this: your blood sugar levels can contribute to your skin health. High blood sugar levels increase the dryness of your skin and can be the root cause of some skin issues like acne, itchy skin, and dark patches.

According to a study, insulin resistance plays a role in people with severe acne vulgaris.

The solution? Treat your blood sugar levels to take care of your skin. And, you already know glucose monitoring can help you defeat this as well.

Some effective ways to treat your skin issues in case of high blood sugar levels:

6. Build A More Peaceful and Efficient Lifestyle 

Factors like —  burnouts, stress, and lack of quality sleep — are the most common barriers to an efficient lifestyle these days. All these take a toll on your physical and mental health. 

For instance, you have so much work-related stress. This makes your body release more cortisol hormones, raising your blood sugar levels. 

More the stress levels, the more unhealthy your sugar levels become. Research finds prolonged stress can lead to improper functioning of insulin and decreased heart health.

The situation becomes more helpless when you have no idea about how your daily activities are affecting your lifestyle. You remain stuck in the vicious loop.

You can only manage what you measure. Most of the time people fail to realize how the underlying stress is affecting their life. Because they can’t measure it, they can’t work to improve it. 

Therefore, managing stress begins with measuring glucose levels. Similarly, you can work on other factors that affect your lifestyle quality and get them in control.

The Wrap-Up Note 

Being watchful of your blood glucose levels empowers you in multiple ways. 

Glucose levels in your body are affected by everyday activities. No doubt managing them is an important part of a holistically healthy lifestyle.

While daily glucose monitoring is important, it should be convenient too. Most people give up on their blood glucose tracking because regular methods involve pricking fingers and drawing blood.

But EYVA is here to help you stay consistent with your glucose monitoring and achieve the highest degree of wellness with a high degree of comfort.

Daily Glucose Monitoring unlocks routes to the healthiest version of you. You are no longer restricted from taking the right actions due to a lack of information about the inner body dynamics. 

Access the much-needed actionable data that helps you track your blood sugar behavior in response to diet, sleep, stress, and exercise. Achieve the finest well-being with the finest glucose levels.

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